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SUBJECT: We're just getting started...


In late July 2017, we set out to raise the funds needed to furnish and operate Columbus' first coworking space with onsite childcare. We built a Kickstarter campaign, launched it to our networks, and those first few days were incredible.

We had over 50 backers on the first day alone and we raised nearly $7,000 in total. Unfortunately, that was a long arm's reach from our goal of $24,000 and the project was not fulfilled.

Along that path, we learned that our name, The Hive, was in violation of a trademark and the owner of that trademark asked us to stop using the name moving forward.



Reasons to quit entirely? 

Absolutely not. 

As of September 2017, The Hive has merged with Work It Mama – a community sprung up from the desperate cries of working moms of all ilk for some kind of connection, understanding, solidarity, and care.

We will continue to host popup coworking days, quarterly community gatherings, smaller group events, and build connections with mamas everywhere.

We are not done here.

In her speech at Glamour's 2015 Women of the Year Awards, Reese Witherspoon said this:

I urge each one of you to ask yourselves: What do we do now? That's a big question. What is it in life that you think you can't accomplish? Or what is it that people have said that you cannot do? Wouldn't it feel really good to prove them all wrong? Because I believe ambition is not a dirty word. It's just believing in yourself and your abilities. Imagine this: What would happen if we were all brave enough to be a little bit more ambitious? I think the world would change.

Well, Reese, we're ambitious. 

It's been said that we can't accomplish this – connecting families and work and creating the village again.

But it's gonna feel really good to prove that all wrong.

So join us for an event. See what's possible when you believe in yourself and your abilities.

We already believe in you.


Val Geisler


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